OTTO’s ‘Draw Outside of the Box’ Contest

In OTTO‘s ‘Draw Outside of the Box’ contest, students can create their very own pizza box DOTB_Poster_2-01design, with the chance of having theirs chosen as OTTO’s next pizza box design. The winning design will be printed on thousands of boxes and circulated throughout OTTO’s multiple New England locations. The winner’s school will also receive a $1000 donation from OTTO to support art education.

Each entry will be judged by the public in the first phase of the contest, and thirty finalists will have their entries judged by an esteemed panel of design experts, including Scott Nash of Flat Stanley fame!

Through this contest, OTTO hopes to encourage students to think about art and design as a way to communicate with, and engage, their community.

We are also excited to team up with Artist & Craftsman Supply who will be offering a gift card to both the winner and to the winner’s school! They are also offering a 20% discount of all materials purchased for the contest.ACS_LOGO_PNG

To find your local Artist & Craftsman Supply store, please click here.




Materials Needed:

  • 16×16 White Paper
  • Paints, markers, crayons, etc. (designs must utilize solid colors meeting the below requirements)
  • A digital camera or scanner


  1. Limited to students in K-8, currently residing in New England (ME, MA, NH, VT, CT, RI)
  2. Design must be comprised of no more than four colors. Note: black is considered a color, however white is not (the box is white). To meet printing requirements, colors should be limited to bright yellow, golden yellow, dark blue, bright blue, dark green, bright green, violet, black, grey, red, and orange.
  3. The words ‘OTTO’ and ‘Portland, Maine’ must be included somewhere in the design.
  4. A clear digital photograph or scanned image must be submitted digitally to OTTO.
  5. Entries must be received via email at Email must contain image or link to image (jpeg, png, or gif), name of student (or first name + last initial), and name of the student’s school.
  6. Only one entry per student will be eligible to move on to the finalist phase of the contest.
  7. While OTTO must not receive actual art, we ask that contestants hold on to their art for possible showings or printing.

Contest Start: Sept. 18
Contest End: Dec. 18 at 9am

Optional Showings:
Each school is encouraged to hold their own ‘showings’ at their school or at a neighborhood art gallery. Individual schools are responsible for securing and setting up showings, but OTTO will help promote showings on its social media profiles, blog, etc. where possible.

Choosing the Finalists:
For the duration of the contest, submitted entries will be uploaded to the ‘OTTO: Outside the Box’ online photo album on OTTO’s Facebook page. The 30 entries with the most ‘Likes’ by 9:00am on Dec. 18 will move on to the judging phase of the competition.

Choosing the Winners (The Judging Phase):
A panel of judges comprised of distinguished experts in art/design will select, by way of vote, the first, second, and third place winners.

First Place:
The winning contestant’s design will be printed on thousands of pizza boxes and distributed to all OTTO locations throughout New England. The winner will also receive a pizza party (for up to 30 students) at his/her school, a $100 OTTO gift card, a $100 Artist & Craftsman Supply gift card, an OTTO t-shirt, and an OTTO cap. The winner’s school will receive a check for $1000 to support art education and a $250 Artist & Craftsman Supply gift card.

Second Place:
Student will receive pizza party (for up to 30 students) at his/her school, a $50 OTTO gift card, an OTTO t-shirt and hat.

Third Place:
Student will receive a pizza party (for up to 30 students) at his/her school, a $25 OTTO gift card, an OTTO t-shirt and hat.

The Fine Print:

  • Entrants should get permission from a parent or legal guardian prior to submitting an entry. For purposes of privacy and safety, please send entries from the email address of a parent, legal guardian, teacher or school administrator.
  • By entering the ‘Draw Outside the Box’ Contest, entrants (and entrant’s parents or guardians) are granting OTTO express permission to duplicate, share, transmit, and distribute the entrant’s design via print, social media, Web, collateral, advertisement, promotion, apparel, or other means associated with the restaurant’s operations and marketing intiatives. OTTO will credit the entrant in any of the above cases where possible.
  • If winner of first, second, or third prize is not enrolled in a school (i.e. home-schooled, etc.), pizza party may be held at a location to be agreed upon by OTTO and the winner.
  • If first prize winner is not enrolled in a school (i.e. home-schooled, etc.), or enters on behalf of an OTTO-approved non-school entity, the $1000 intended for the winner’s school will be donated to an approved charity or organization with an art component. Charity or organization must be agreed upon by OTTO and the winner.
  • If entrant (or entrant’s parents or guardian) does not want the entrant’s name/school/location listed online or elsewhere associated with the design, entry should be accompanied by a request to withhold the entrant’s name/school/location.
  • Employees of OTTO or the contest’s sponsors, and their immediate family members are allowed to enter the contest, but are not eligible to be a finalist or win a prize.
  • Please contact OTTO at for any additional questions or clarifications.



17 thoughts on “OTTO’s ‘Draw Outside of the Box’ Contest

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  7. Hi there. Due to the size of the pizza boxes (16×16) we suggest using the same size artwork. We want to ensure that the winning design will not lose quality when enlarged and reproduced.

    • Hi, Do you have a suggestion on where we would find a piece of 16×16 paper I’ve been looking all over and haven’t found any. ˇhanks for your help

      • Hi there, Annaliese. We suggest any local art supply store, such as Artist & Craftsman ( — one of the sponsors of the contest!. You also should be able to find large pads of paper at any store that sells school or office supplies, if you don’t have an A&C or other regional art store nearby. Thank you!

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