6-Year-Old Nolan Knocks It Out Of The Park With Pizza Creation

nolanspecialEach weekend, OTTO runs a weekend special — a pizza that you can’t find on our regular menu. The specials are created by an array of members of the OTTO family: the owners, our executive chef, one of our many creative kitchen managers or cooks.

Over the weekend of October 18-20, our special was extraordinarily special in many ways. First, it was the only one created by someone outside of the OTTO organization. Secondly, it was created by a 9 year old boy. Third, it was one of our most successful weekend specials in the 4-year history of OTTO.

IMG_0080Nolan, from Scarborough, ME, was the culinary mastermind behind that special, appropriately dubbed ‘The Nolan Special.’ The delicious pizza featured roasted cherry tomatoes, with bacon and spicy pepperoni. 10% of every purchase was donated to Make-a-Wish Maine.

OTTO was contacted several weeks ago by Make-a-Wish Maine about providing pizza for Nolan’s Wish party prior to his family’s trip to Orlando — he’s a big fan. We at OTTO were so taken with this young man, we asked Nolan if he would be interested in creating his very own pizza for our ongoing Weekend Special series.

Nolan stated that he would want a pizza like a “BLT with a spice to it.” The finished product was a collaboration between Nolan and OTTO’s executive chef, and it was delicious.

IMG_0054Nolan knocked it out of the park with his pizza creation, and we were so pleased to see so many New Englanders gobbling it up.

The pizza was a huge success, selling over 500 slices, and a few dozen whole pies. That’s a success no matter how you, um, slice it.

Great job, Nolan. We hope to collaborate with you again. We know that pizza aficionados all over New England hope so too.

Click here for more information on Make-a-Wish Maine.


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