When worlds collide: The white belt chronicles, Otto’s pizza edition

One of our favorite blog posts about OTTO Pizza …

I Came Here Just to Say This

Apparently I write about only two things: how I’m trying to learn Brazilian Jiujitsu, and food.Today those two worlds collided.

My wife has given up on Otto’s pizza for the moment, but I wanted to eat lunch in town today, and she wasn’t around to stop me. I’ve had rather well-documented troubles with them in the past.

Well, in the meantime, the business seems to be thriving. Most nights there are people out the door, onto the sidewalk. It looks as though the Upper Crust is fast becoming the place you go if you can’t find a table at Otto’s. That may sort itself out, or it may not. Just as an aside, I heard someone talking about how Jack Welsh wrote about the Upper Crust in his book, and how they’re not very nice to their employees, but that, according to him, the pizza was so good you had…

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